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All that is good about our region derives from a way of life that has remained both simple and genuine, an uncontaminated nature, its food and wine, renowned throughout Italy and beyond, a place in which one can still find the space to relax, to explore its history and legends or simply walk through the beautiful, unspoilt countryside. This is the land in which we operate: a timeless, cultured land, encompassing the Langhe, the Val Bormida, and the Ligurian coast. The Langhe, famous the world over for the quality of its gastronomic products, home to the great wines of Barolo and Barberesco, of Barbera and Dolcetto, is distinguished for its terrain, at once gentle, with vineyards sweeping across its soft, rolling hills as far as the eye can see, and then more severe, with wild wooded escarpments and steep valleys, each with its own traditions, dialects, culinary specialities.
It is a land of infinite surprises: the changing colour of the seasons; its horizons dotted with towers and castles, reminders of a less peaceful history, but now the serenity of silence broken only by the lowing of flocks at pasture and the distant hum of agricultural machinery, working the land as it has been worked for centuries; and above all the wines, second to none in Italy,
possibly the world, the quality of which owes everything to the care of the land and to the age-old traditions handed down through the centuries. The Val Bormida, that crosses from Liguria to lower Piedmont, borders both the Langhe and the Ovada hills, sharing language and landscape but with a characteristic all of its own, rougher hewn perhaps, rich in natural resources.
In recent years it has seen a rise in tourism, ideally situated for those looking to combine a holiday in the country with easy access to the Mediterranean coastal resorts of Liguria. And then finally, the Ligurian coast itself, part of the Italian Riviera, known in Italy as the ‘Riviera of Palms’, with its natural long sandy bays strung between wooded headlands and behind the high, rugged hills of the Ligurian Apennines. Its ancient towns and fishing ports bearing witness to the age-old conflicts between the sea-faring republics of Genoa, Noli and Savona; its balmy climate, typically Mediterranean, producing all that you’d expect but
praised above all for the quality its olive oil and for the basil grown on the slopes behind the coast; and, of course, also typically Mediterranean, its way of life: relaxed, warm and friendly, all year round.

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